The FieldPower is very well suited for your training session at the gym or at home. You can use this device for any exercises at any speed. It’s easy to use and will take up little space, since you will only need the FieldPower for all your exercise routines.

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The FieldPower is the perfect device for everyone. No matter how trained or untrained your patients are, the FieldPower can be safely used regardless of experience. Even if there is no training experience at all. This makes it perfect for physiotherapists.

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Bring your performance to the next level with FieldPower

Physical performance capacity is key in top sports. FieldPower will empower you or the athletes you’re coaching, on the road to victory.

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No matter how athletic you are, the human body has its limitations. Enter the FieldPower. A revolutionary training device that will push your boundaries. Whether you’re a professional athlete training for that important game or a physiotherapist looking to boost your rehabilitation program, the FieldPower will change the way you train, forever.

More power, more explosivity, more stability. FieldPower offers an ever-present force during any sport specific action. Improve agility, stability, acceleration, vertical leap and more with an almost constant resistance. The FieldPower enables any type of movement using resistance from any direction, from any part of the body. The possibilities are endless.

  • Easy to transport (7 or 11 kg)
  • Easy to connect to any pole using two straps
  • Free 360 degrees rotation when placed on the foot
  • Free movement with two wheels under the foot
  • Free force direction by connecting the four blocks to any fixation point
  • 3D-force direction
Rated 4.5 out of 5
“In the past you could get fit by playing tennis, today you need to be fit in order to play tennis. FieldPower is the ultimate tool to play the modern game of tennis!”

Carl Maes

Rated 5 out of 5
“FieldPower offers thousands of possibilities and is very easy to use. It’s a must have for all physiotherapists, coaches, clubs and professional athletes!"

Sam Verslegers

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